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Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty™ fills holes and cracks in wood, plaster, furniture, stone, and concrete.

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Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty™ fills holes and cracks in wood, plaster, furniture, stone, and concrete.

Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty™ is a gypsum-based filler — a powder — that becomes very hard when mixed with water. It never shrinks and has great bonding strength. That’s why so many people use Durham’s to fill holes and cracks in wood, plaster, furniture, stone, and concrete. Once Durham’s is set in place … it stays in place.

For lasting satisfaction — use only the original Durham’s!

Why Durham’s Is Better: Durham’s does not shrink. This is important for hobbyists who want their objects to hold their fine details and shapes. Handymen and crafters find this beneficial when filling holes in wood, plaster, and other materials.

Durham’s Putty sticks and stays put. It adheres in oil-free material such as wood, cement, plaster, stone, and composition when completely dry. Embed pebbles, shells, glass, tiles, and other materials in the putty when making mosaics. Add objects to sand sculptures without the worry of having them fall out.

As the name implies, Durham’s Putty is rock hard and resistant to scratches. Repairs are also more durable, craft projects are stronger, and art objects don’t need firing.

Since it is a powder, Durham’s lasts indefinitely when kept sealed in its container. Mix only the quantity you need and eliminate waste!

Finally, this putty can be sawed, chiseled, sanded, polished, molded, painted, varnished, waxed, or colored. Always could be since the 1930s!

Restore Antique Art and Furniture
Ornate picture frames with missing or damaged sections can be duplicated and replaced with Durham’s Water Putty. Just make a rubber mold from a corresponding undamaged portion. Visit your art, craft, or hobby store for liquid rubber specially prepared for making such molds. Then make a putty cast from the mold and use it to replace the missing section of the frame.

Hang pictures and artwork with greater holding strength. Place a dab of Durham’s into the old nail or wire hole. Insert the nail or wire before Durham’s is set and you’ll have an extra strong hanger.

Fill gouges in damaged wood carvings with Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty. When set, the putty can be carved exactly as you would carve the wood.

Sand Sculpting
Sand sculpting is a fun and easy way to produce plaques with attractive relief designs, ideal for wall hangings or for displaying on an easel.

What’s more, the process is simple. Just pack wet sand in a box filling it to about ½-inch from the top, depending upon the thickness of the cast desired. Level the sand. Then with a pencil, nail, spoon, or any appropriate tool, draw a design in the sand and set aside to let the sand dry. Or, make an impression with a figurine or other art object, pressing it into the wet sand.

Prepare the putty while the sand is drying. Mix water and Durham’s Water Putty to the consistency of heavy cream. Then carefully spoon out a small amount of the putty into the dry sand mold, being careful not to disturb the design. After the design is covered, the balance of the putty may be gently poured in until the box is filled. Then level the top surface.

After the putty has dried, carefully remove the sides of the box and brush off the excess sand. The remaining grains of sand will give your plaque an attractive surface.

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