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The CopperSmith stocks in Alabama 27 design families in various sizes. When these stock designs are combined with their accessories and various mounting options, it constitutes over 3000 different lantern combinations. The majority of these can be shipped in 5 days. At Gas Copper Lanterns, we work one on one with you to ensure you are receiving the best quality lanterns at the most competitive prices for your specific space. The CopperSmith lanterns are designed and manufactured to please the most discriminating buyers.

Need a custom design? Gas Copper Lanterns and The CopperSmith can transform your design ideas into the ideal fixture for your home or project. We also offer many customizable options and accessories for stock lanterns to make your lantern as unique as you might like for a very affordable price.

Gas Copper Lanterns is proud to be a partner with The Coppersmith, allowing us to bring you the entire line of products manufactured by The CopperSmith.

Features & Benefits

  • The CopperSmith Lanterns are designed to provide a lifetime of service with classic appeal and lighting elegance.
  • Even in the harshest environments, copper does not corrode or degrade. It ages gracefully with a distinct character and natural beauty unlike any other metal. For the most punishing environments, we offer a Coastal or Salt Water Environment Application (SWEA) that can be integrated into any of our Lanterns. 
  • The CopperSmith Lanterns combine classic design with 20 oz. solid copper construction for superior structural integrity. Their Copper is sourced from the finest suppliers around the world. 
  • Fixtures can be fitted with either natural or propane gas burners or with electrical lighting options to meet any lighting requirement, allowing consistency throughout a project. 
  • All fixtures are fitted with solid brass hinges and latches for maximum durability. 
  • Mounts and accessories are finished with a durable high quality powder coat finish that is highly resistant to corrosion. With our SWEA treatment, aluminum replaces our already extremely durable metals on all mounting devices and accessories. They also make custom copper mountings and accessories when required. 
  • Gas burner assemblies are constructed of solid brass with a disctinctive Fleur de Lis flame and are CSA certified as compliant with the highest safety standards in the industry. They also offer copper wind guards stained to match the lantern finish, for use in areas of high wind conditions. 
  • Electric lanterns use brass sockets and can be fitted with the standard candelabra sockets or an optional medium base socket & glass chimney. 
  • The CopperSmith now uses a newly designed electronic igniter, designed and manufactured specifically for their lanterns, to help overcome the challenges of electronic igniters. 
  • All lanterns are standard with a beautiful hand rubbed antique finish designed to enhance the beauty of the copper. All lanterns are fitted with clear tempered glass. 3 other finishes are available as a custom order. 
  • All copper and brass fixtures include a limited lifetime warranty. 
  • Most stock lanterns ship from the warehouse in Alabama in working 5 days or less. 

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