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Supplier of centuries-old, river-recovered, reclaimed harvested wood: for flooring, stair parts, millwork; solid or engineered, finished or unfinished.
Goodwin Company

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Goodwin Company’s wood is made of, and made with, 100% heart. Since George Goodwin created the Goodwin Company in 1976, we have been dedicated to bringing only the finest milled heart pine and heart cypress wood available. Our four decades of experience allows us to provide you with quality heart pine and cypress unlike anything else available on the market.

Our River-Recovered®logs are harvested from the depths of Southern rivers, where they sank during logging efforts in the late 19th and early 20th century. When divers pull these logs from the rivers, they have been perfectly preserved by the resilient resin and oils within the ancient logs. Today, we keep a hearty collection of River-Recovered®heart pine logs in our mill’s log pond, so we always can select a log with your needs in mind.

Our Legacy™Heart Pine collection contains wood reclaimed from antique warehouses. Legacy™wood features a patina from prolonged exposure to light. Nail holes and stains are vestiges where the original carpenters nailed the beam onto other warehouse parts. Each piece of Legacy wood contains a unique story and history, one that will continue on wherever it is installed.

All of the other woods we offer are sustainably harvested or rescued. Sustainably harvested woods come from trees damaged by storms or fire, and were removed for the vitality of the surrounding growth. They include Wild Black Cherry, Antique Longleaf Pine, and Old Florida Heart Pine.

Goodwin became the first company to provide reclaimed engineered flooring that was 100% grown, harvested, and milled in the USA in 2007. We provide engineered flooring for River-Recovered®and Legacy™heart pine, River-Recovered® Heart Cypress and Wild Black Cherry.

Goodwin Company is proud to provide custom orders tailored to your needs.

How can we help provide you with the most gorgeous antique wood flooring, paneling and ceiling in the world? Give us a call at 800-336-3118, or visit our saw mill in Micanopy, Florida.

Goodwin is the oldest family owned and operated reclaimed wood company in the U.S, and the first reclaimed wood company to make engineered flooring in the U.S. Orders handcrafted to suit each customer’s need. Custom solutions available.

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