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Enjoy modern comfort while preserving the charm of your original windows. Indow window inserts press inside your window frames without a mounting bracket to give you all the comfort and efficiency of high-end replacement windows.

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Indow window inserts give you all the comfort and efficiency of high-end replacement windows without modifying your original windows. Their low profile design means you won’t see them but you’ll notice the drafts and noise disappear.

Indow window inserts use our patented compression tube to press inside your window frames without a mounting bracket. This makes them ideal for historic structures that you don’t want to mar with interior mounting systems. We laser measure your window frames to get the exact shape and then custom make your inserts so that they will be slightly larger. Installation is easy: as you press them in the Compression Tube squeezes down and holds them in place. They are also super easy to remove. Just pull on the removal ring and lift them out.

Once installed you will get better draft blocking than high end replacement windows. Indow window inserts also outperform replacement windows by blocking 50 to 70% of the noise coming through your windows. Learn more about the superior noise reduction performance at

Indow window inserts come in seven specialty grades and three tubing colors. All grades provide great draft blocking and noise reduction. There is no visual difference between our Standard, Acoustic, Commercial and Museum grades.

Standard Grade
Standard grade Indow inserts offer a great balance of comfort, energy efficiency, and noise reduction at our entry level price.

Acoustic Grade
Reduces noise coming through operable single pane windows by 18.9 dBA, according to Portland State University’s Green Building Research Lab. An 18.9 dBA reduction “feels,” subjectively, like a 72 – 75% reduction in noise. Available in all types except Museum Grade.

Shade Grade
These window inserts provide all the heat blocking and energy saving performance of low-e replacement windows but at a much lower cost. Perfect for hot climates and solar heat relief.

Sleep Panels
Indow Sleep Panels create darkness, quiet, and comfort for night-shift workers, paleo lifestyle followers, and home theater enthusiasts. No other solution blocks 100% of light and more than 50% of noise.

Privacy Grade
These Indow Windows are made from translucent white acrylic that allows for diffused light transmission while blocking out any details or defined shadows. Great for bathrooms.

Museum Grade
Protects furniture, carpets, and artwork by filtering 98% of all UV rays from sunlight coming through windows. There is absolutely no visual difference between the Standard and Museum Grade acrylic.

Commercial Grade
Commercial Grade inserts have an extra abrasion resistant coating to provide additional protection against scratching (moving & frequent cleaning). There is absolutely no visual difference between the Standard and Commercial Grade acrylic.

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