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Jeffrey Court

Jeffrey Court has made a name for itself by providing high-quality tile products to both the retail and trade sectors. The company was founded by husband-and-wife team Jim and Janice Lawson in 1991. Everything we do here at Jeffrey Court is done with the idea that many of our memories are created in the home and we want to create an atmosphere of warmth, love, and laughter.

We know tastes in interior design vary by person, and we have a variety of themed collections we call “Chapters” that have something for everyone. Traditional design collections include “Chapter 8 – Europa Arte”, which features tiles inspired by artisanal clay, paints, and textiles while “Chapter 7 – Cubist” draws a more modern inspiration from the Avant-Garde movement of Cubism. 

Jeffrey Court uses a variety of high-quality materials for our tiles such as ceramic, glass, and natural stone that are sourced from locations including Mexico, Spain, and Portugal. All our designs are done in-house at our headquarter offices in Norco, California.

Visit us at to view our collections and galleries.