Sawtooth Shelf System

Historically inspired shelving system.
Sawtooth Shelf System

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The method of Sawtooth™ Shelf Systems is revived for the modern woodworker with our adjustable shelves and cabinetry consisting of wood supports in each corner of a cabinet which hold cleats upon which the shelf rests.

Benefits of the Sawtooth™ Shelf System

  • Added Value - Get authentic custom look and better support for little expense
  • Cost Effective - Comparable in price to other systems
  • Stronger Than Pins - Full shelf support allows heavier loads
  • Authentic Period Design - Our designs are reproductions of historical cabinets
  • Craftsmen Detail - Accurate machining and clean cuts make installation and finishing easy
  • Versatile - Rear shelf support, Shoe racks, Plate racks, and more are all possible with ease

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