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The Shakers came from England in 1774, and by 1850 grew from a membership of nine to approximately 6,000 in villages throughout the eastern and central United States. Today, membership is small again, but this does not take away from the lasting mark that generations of Shaker Brothers and Sisters have made on our American heritage. Shaker furniture has been a major creative force in our decorative arts heritage because it is the one truly original American style of furniture. Its clear crisp lines and singular lightness (with no sacrifice in strength) fit equally well into both modern interiors and more traditional settings.

Shaker Workshops was founded in 1970 in Massachusetts with the purpose of reproducing original Shaker furniture as faithfully as possible. To this day, Shaker Workshops furniture is produced by skilled craftspeople from throughout New England. In the fall of 2019, the business relocated to Sandwich, New Hampshire where production continues under the stewardship of the Tappan Chair Company, itself a two-century-old New England furniture making business. 

In 2014, the last remaining active Shaker Community at Sabbathday Lake authorized and commissioned the Tappan Chair Company, in collaboration with Chilton Furniture, to resume production of the Community's own historic Alfred Shaker Rocker and Side Chair, in its name--a partnership which is unique in the world, and which continues to this day

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