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"How do I build an Enclosed Porch?" is a common Springtime question when considering outdoor living space. A pre-engineered porch system company is the best starting place. Porches are easy to designed online, simple to install and don't have the headaches and annual maintenance of the do-it yourself versions.

Building an Enclosed Porch is also easier with a pre-engineered system from a company like Vixen Hill. You'll find knowledgeable representatives to help with your order. They can make ordering a Screened Porch a risk-free enjoyable experience so you don't have to worry.

The Vixen Hill website offers an online design application for those ready to begin the Porch Design process. And, it's the same application that your representative would use when working with you on How To Build your Porch. Plus, you can save your work then view 3-D modeling with unlimited flexibility, changing your Porch Design from anywhere at any time.

How to enclose a porch was the question I asked myself 40 years ago. I'm Chris Peeples and founded Vixen Hill in the bottom of a 17th century barn while contemplating the Screened Porches I had seen over the years in Victorian Cape May, NJ. My goal was to engineer then manufacture traditional wood products such as Screened Porch Systems, shutters, gazebos, cabanas, as consumer products. 

Forty years ago these products were custom items requiring architects and builders. I wanted my products to be affordable, durable and authentic. So, I designed modular systems that could be shipped anywhere and assembled by a homeowner. 

Today Vixen Hill operates in a 65,000 sq. ft. factory and sells throughout the world. In 2018 I set my sights on developing a hybrid porch system, one of increased durability but not increased cost to be offered as additional outdoor living space for year-round enjoyment. 

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