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WindowLogic Weatherstripping System

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We have been been building and restoring traditional wooden double hung sash in our shop in Crawfordsville, Indiana for 23 years. From the very beginning, our mission has been to make the historic wood window perform like a brand new modern window. That's why we have developed the WINDOWLOGIC WEATHERSTRIPPING SYSTEM.

This is a state of the art, comprehensive weatherstripping kit, proven in the field for decades. We are proud to say that the many window restoration specialists that we work with tell us there is nothing on the market today that even approaches it for:

Our complete, comprehensive system eliminates air infiltration, period.

Protects the most vulnerable elements of the historic wood window.

Inconspicuous if not totally invisible.

Designed for the installer to be simple, logical and minimally invasive to the historic fabric.

In short, this is the ultimate aftermarket weatherstripping kit for the historic wood window.

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