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Old House Journal's best advice on fixing, building, designing or restoring an old house, including restoring doors & windows, architectural salvage projects, flooring repair/restoration, plumbing, roofing, painting, wallpapering and more. 

miter saw

Carpentry Tools

Five handy, high-quality tools make carpentry jobs go smoothly.

cabinet hardware

DIY Salvaged Hardware

Salvaged icebox hardware make new cabinets look like vintage equipment.

Burnt woodwork in the Craig House

The Tradition of Burnt Wood

A Japanese technique for burnt wood meets the bungalow.

mantel decoration_im

Shop Tour: Driwood Moulding Co.

For a company that turns out architecturally correct mouldings by the houseful, Driwood Moulding Co. is an astonishingly compact business.

Georgian dining room

Matching Interior Millwork

Learn about the role of trimwork, building up profiles, turning corners with mitered and coped joints, and what tools to use where for matching interior millwork.

installing weatherstripping window

On Weather Stripping

This simple upgrade for windows and exterior doors increases comfort and saves on fuel costs.

basement electrical hazard

A Fix for an Unusual Basement Hazard

What to do when your mother-in-law hangs old clothes on Romex in the ceiling.

antique feather vase

A Feather Vase

This odd, abused feather vase had sat for years in the seller’s garage.

old house white door

How to Diagnose (and Fix) a Door

It’s a rare door in an old house that swings effortlessly and closes shut crisply.

Sears bungalow, Arts & Crafts house

For First-time Home Buyers

What do you need to know if you're a first-time home buyer?

handmade lampshade

Sew Up a Fabric Lampshade

A fancy shade will dress up a thrift-store lamp.

Haiku UV-C ceiling fan

Smart Upgrades for Old Houses

New products for keeping the house cleaner and tighter.

period house woodwork

Life in a Victorian-era Brownstone

Lessons for living lightly in a historic Victorian-era brownstone restored.

telephone niche

DIY Phone Niche

A phone niche is useful today for keys, tablet—or telephone.

‘Princess’ radiator from Castrads

Smart Houses With Throwback Intelligence

Some of the “smartest” features for managing heating, cooling, hot-water, and other household technologies make room for the best features of the past.

Vintage Suite

Kitchen Vintage Suite

The finishing touch on your traditionally-styled old-house kitchen is restoration hardware.

shed porch roof

The Porch Roof

A porch without a roof is merely a deck. Besides, the porch roof is an important defense against the elements.


Shop Tour: Abatron

We take a behind-the-scenes look at Abatron.

solid Western red cedar knee braces, ProWood

Woodworking Tools

Useful items for building, cutting, sanding, or repairing wood.

1_lead photo SeptemberMorn AFTER_bjk

Painting Furniture

A self-taught artist transforms old furniture into unique, practical art, using paint.

1 or crop final Cattani_Dog_bed_collection_bjk

DIY Dog Beds

How to make your own dog beds out of old chairs.

Square and fancy-butt white-cedar shingles

Refreshing Siding

To refresh siding on your house, look for materials close to the original in cut, grain, dimension, and appearance.

digitally re-created wallpaper

Reproducing Historic Wallpapers

Wallpaper remains the quintessential room decoration. If you’re looking for a historic or specific wallpaper pattern, be encouraged.


A Better Roof

Technical improvements are bringing the roof into the future.

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Manufacturer of adhesives, wood consolidants, and wood replacement compounds for structural and decorative restoration.

abatron Mold Making and Casting Compounds

Mold Making & Casting Compounds

Founded in 1959, Abatron, Inc. specializes in the research, formulation, and manufacture of epoxy and related compounds.