5 Tools for Old-House Projects

Chip, strip, reglaze: then stow on a unique shelf system.
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Eco-Strip's 8-Cut Scraper

Eco-Strip's 8-Cut Scraper.

1. EIGHT-WAY SCRAPER  The 8-Cut Scraper has eight sharp cutting edges in a single blade, beveled to prevent surface damage. The scraper may be flipped and rotated as needed, and the easy-grip knob allows you to apply more pressure on stubborn paint or caulk. Eco-Strip, (703) 940-9425, eco-strip.com

glazing hammer

Lee Valley Tool's glazier's hammer.

2. WELL SHAPED The rotating triangular face of the glazier’s hammer is ideally shaped for gently forcing points or brads into place on window sash or frame. Use the round face (on the opposite end) to pin corners, flatten points, or for simple hammering jobs. Lee Valley Tools, (800) 871-8158, leevalley.com 

Blue Bear Paint Stripper with Safenol

Blue Bear Paint Stripper with Safenol.

 3. A BETTER STRIPPER Strip multiple layers of paint safely with a single application of Blue Bear Paint Stripper with Safenol. It’s free from methylene chloride and n-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP). Low-odor, non-caustic and eco-friendly, the stripper comes in quart, gallon, and 5-gallon containers. Franmar, (800) 538-5069, franmar.com 

“BLO-Pentine” balsam turpentine from Sweden.

“BLO-Pentine” balsam turpentine from Sweden.

4. WINDOW WOOD REFRESHERS Make your own “BLO-Pentine” to refresh old wood sills and window sashes with boiled linseed oil and balsam turpentine from Sweden. The oil offers superior mixing qualities, while the turpentine is so pure its still has the aroma of fir. American Rope & Tar, (877) 965-1800, tarsmell.com 

Sawtooth Shelf System

Sawtooth Shelf System.

 5. SAWTOOTH STRONG This revival of a venerable shelving system uses precise triangular or “sawtooth” cuts in support pieces. The system makes it easy to place and relocate shelves without resetting pins or braces. Cuts are precise to .005". Sawtooth Shelf System, (908) 689-7600, sawtoothshelfsystem.com

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