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Make a small bath or laundry room more accessible with the 1500SC Pocket Door Frame. It features a soft-close dampener and steel-wrapped split studs, doorstop, and door guides. Easy-to-install kit for a 30" x 80" door. Johnson Hardware, (800) 837-5664,

Port the full-size NXT cordless wet/dry vacuum with no restrictions on movement or the need for an electrical outlet. Powered by two 18v batteries, this vac has a run time of about one hour. It has a QuikLock filter and accepts high-efficiency dust bags. RIDGID, (800) 474-3443,

Repair holes and cracks in the porcelain on sinks and tubs with WaterWeld, which works even under water. The easy-to-use, two-part epoxy plugs and seals leaks, too. After curing, it can be drilled, filed, sanded, and painted. Cures to off-white. J-B Weld, (903) 885-7696,

Are you looking for just the right tone to touch up chips and scratches on a vintage range or sink? Porc-A-Fix comes in hundreds of colors matched to major kitchen and bath porcelain fixtures from back in the day. Historic Houseparts, (585) 325-2329,

Made from European beech, the Sjöberg apartment workbench is solidly held together with lag bolts. It measures a compact 42 " long x 19 " x 1" thick, with a 2 " skirt. Easy to knock down, it comes with two vises, both 14" long with clamping capacities. Lee Valley Tools, (800) 267-8767,

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Indow Window Inserts

Enjoy modern comfort while preserving the charm of your original windows. Indow window inserts press inside your window frames without a mounting bracket to give you all the comfort and efficiency of high-end replacement windows.

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Energy-Saving Window Inserts

Indow's window inserts help save energy and cut back on drafts and UV light.