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Old House Journal's compendium of articles about flooring repair projects for old houses, including restoration, finishing, eliminating squeaks, and touch-ups for wood, tile and more. 

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Resilient Flooring

These floors continue to evolve, adapting recycled and natural materials for resilient flooring that looks better and lasts longer.

Coping Joint

Coping Joints for Baseboards in Your Old Home

Shop craftsman at Woodsmith Magazine Marc Hopkins demonstrates in this video how to install coped joints for baseboards.

painted wood floor

How To Restore Painted Wood Floors

Does your old house restoration project include sprucing up painted wood floors? A few days' work and a little know-how can leave wide boards beautiful for decades.

slate tile floor

Cleaning All Types of Floors

Removing dust and grit daily is always a good idea when it comes to cleaning the floor. Otherwise, be gentle, as strong chemical solutions and abrasion will harm many surfaces.

Underfloor diagram

How to Fix Sagging Floors

Understanding the common structural shortcomings that cause floors to sag and what to do about them.

Drive nails into a hardwood floor to fix a squeak

How To Fix a Squeaky Floor

Two easy methods for silencing annoying squeaks in your hardwood floors.

Variable width wide-plank floors in this early dwelling were probably cleaned, when they were new, with a mixture of lye and water. They’ve been painted to help preserve their character.

Touching Up Old Floors

Floors may suffer indignities as they age, even as they develop patina. Refreshing a basically sound floor will keep it serviceable. Given care and respect, a wood, stone, tile, or resilient floor will last for many decades and beyond.

DIY wood floor

A DIY Floor in Wood Paint

Although there was some labor involved, this solution to a problem floor was inexpensive and remarkably effective.

Hand-scraped wood floor

How to Hand-Scrape Wood Floors

Learn a time-honored technique for refinishing floors to a warm, mellow appearance.

The holes are the only way to tell originals from the laced-in boards here/

Fixes for Common Wood Flooring Problems

From removing stains to matching existing flooring, learn how to deal with some common wood floor issues.

Make a hole for the patch

How To Patch a Damaged Floor

Make your hardwood floor's gouges, splinters, and holes virtually unnoticeable with a Dutchman patch.

Testing the pattern

How To Lay a Checkerboard Linoleum Floor

Give your kitchen vintage appeal by putting down a checkerboard linoleum floor—here's how to do it.

This tea-set medallion from Sealex had a Delft blue background.

How To Inlay Linoleum Floors

A deft hand and a sharp knife can give classic pizzazz to linoleum floors.

A 1918 bungalow in Mount Ranier, Maryland, displays beautiful, original tongue-in-groove pine floors that had been covered for decades by vinyl tiles—then subsequent layers of plywood, vinyl tiles, and carpeting—until they were refinished and restored in 2003.

Simple Wood-Floor Fixes

Two traditional fixes for damaged and worn wood floors can add years to their lifespan.

Water-based finishes, such as Minwax's Hardwood Floor Reviver, are a good choice if reducing drying time is a major factor in your project.

How To Choose a Floor Finish

Oil- or water-based? The right finish for your hardwood floor depends on the specific demands of your project.

After recoating, this room's formerly scuffed-up hardwood flooring looks good as new.

Refinishing Wood Floors | 7 Easy Steps

7 steps to refinishing your wood floors so they look brand new.

The mellow patina of an old floor is the result of decades of aging and judicious care. This antique floor and staircase were installed in an addition at Gore Place in Waltham, Massachusetts, in the early 20th century.

Fixing Wood Floors

With a little know-how, you can silence faulty floorboards and repair minor damage.

refinishing old hardwood floors

Repairing & Refinishing Old Hardwood Floors

Repairing and refinishing old hardwood floors can be a labor-intensive and complex process. Here's a look at ways to determine whether you need a simple repair, a full refinishing job, or to simply start fresh with a new hardwood floor installation.

For a moisture-prone installation in a tiled bath, Unifix's PermaBase brand cement board provides a rigid substrate made of Portland cement, aggregate, and glass mesh.

Underneath What's Underfoot

The finish flooring is only as good as its underlayment, especially when it comes to tile and resilient floors.

refinish fir floors

Expert Advice: Refinishing Fir Floors

If your home has original fir flooring or woodwork, here's what you need to know about refinishing it.

The demand for wood floors at the turn of the 20th century led to long-handled scrapers--a tool designed to increase production but one that was criticized for mediocre results. (Photo: National Archives Associates)

Wood Floor Finishing Techniques

Two finishing techniques of the past, scraping and filling, help make wood floors look their best today.

Products of the Week

Victorian polychrome paint scheme

Preservation Products

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