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Expert advice on various types of door, kitchen, bathroom and old house hardware.

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Vintage Suite

Kitchen Vintage Suite

The finishing touch on your traditionally-styled old-house kitchen is restoration hardware.

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The Hardware Search

Replacing missing hardware, especially for windows and doors, requires perseverance and an eye for detail. Options extend to vintage and reproduction.

A custom replication of an 1890 design by Al Bar-Wilmette Platers.

How To Buy Reproduction Hardware

What makes one brand of door hardware better than another—especially if they’re all but identical in style?

For a more eclectic look, you can use different styles of knobs—just make sure they have at least one unifying detail.

Turn Vintage Cabinet Knobs into Hooks

Repurpose salvaged cabinet knobs by turning them into a row of handy hooks.

HL hinge, hardware

All About Cabinet Hinges

Hinge style and even finish determine compatibility with certain eras. Many options are available—invisible hinges, various pivot options, self-closers; it can be confusing!

hardware repair

Exterior Fix-Ups

Head outside for three projects: sealing tarnished brass, fixing torn window screens, and installing functional shutters.

To repair old doorknobs and locks, start by learning a few key parts.

How To Repair a Doorknob

When vintage doorknobs stop working, knowing how to troubleshoot common problems can make them good as new again.

A simple cabinet latch from Top Knobs has a patinated finish for an aged look.

How to Choose Colonial Revival Hardware

From kitchen cabinet hardware to hinges and knobs, Colonial Revival hardware is still riding waves of innovation and craftsmanship.

Using rivets to secure strap hinges on shutters can ramp up period authenticity.

How to Make Rivets for Shutters

When shutter rivets wear out, make new ones to repair an original hinge.


Fast Facts on Fasteners

Understanding how fasteners work and how they were traditionally used is the first step to choosing the right one for your carpentry project.

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How To Create Patinas on Hardware

Follow these simple steps to help "youthful" metals grow old gracefully (and quickly).


Expert Advice: Mystery Hardware

A mysterious piece of hardware is identified as a center stop for a pocket door.

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crown point kitchen

Crown Point Cabinetry

Crown Point Cabinetry offers custom cabinets for period style kitchens, baths, offices, laundry rooms, home bars and more. Styles include Shaker, Arts & Crafts, Early American, Victorian and Transitional.



The finest quality in Shaker, Arts & Crafts, Early American, Victorian and Transitional styles.