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Old House Journal's compendium of articles about interior paints and finishes including oil, distemper, colored pigments, milk paint, and more. 

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painted wood floor

How To Restore Painted Wood Floors

Does your old house restoration project include sprucing up painted wood floors? A few days' work and a little know-how can leave wide boards beautiful for decades.

a fix for stinky paint

A Fix for Foul-smelling Paint

The case of the foul-smelling can of paint, and a fix.

wallpaper, cornice

Expert Advice: Wallpaper & Paint

Experts lend advice on getting patterned wallpapers and trim colors to coexist for maximum effect.

paint brush cleaning tips

The Changing Landscape for Household Paint

New regulations will affect what types of household paints you can buy.


Guide to Period Paints

From historic color palettes to old-fashioned paint formulas, find the right fit for your house's walls with this source list for period paints.

tudor-influenced craftsman

Mapping a Craftsman Palette

Interior colors are softened yet bold in this 1916 Arts & Crafts home, complementing dark chestnut woodwork in the restful interior.

DIY wood floor

A DIY Floor in Wood Paint

Although there was some labor involved, this solution to a problem floor was inexpensive and remarkably effective.

1b info 2 color_gn

Window Sash Painting Tips

Understanding correct color placement—and the trouble with replacement windows.

painting window sash

Painting Double-Hung Sash

Carelessly painted windows are frequently stuck forever and one regrettable reason homeowners purchase replacements. Neither the prep nor the painting is complicated, however.

Radiators painted in elaborate color schemes became popular around 1900. This example, featuring colors to match the wallpaper and hand-detailed vines, was features in an American Radiator Company souvenir book from 1905.

How To Decoratively Paint a Radiator

Two techniques, borrowed from the past, transform radiators into artwork.

This new breed of paint strippers gets the job done, but it may take a little longer.

Tested: Safer Paint Strippers

They're better for the environment, but how are they at removing paint? We put the newest breed of strippers to the test.

Typical for a caustic stripper, the lye solution softens a century of paint into sludge that lifts easily with scraping, but leaves the iron unaffected.

Strip Paint Off a Radiator in 4 Steps

Return a radiator's ornamental iron to its original appearance by soaking off the paint down to bare metal.

The Corbit-Sharp House, built in 1774, was completely restored in the 1930s.

Inside Historic Paint Research

High-tech methods make it easier than ever to uncover and re-create historic paint finishes.

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Victorian polychrome paint scheme

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