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Postwar Home Challenges

Houses of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s are now old enough to suffer from the indignities of age as well as constant assaults made to “update” them. Applied thoughtfully, modern materials and methods will make them better than new.

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Incentives for Old-House Preservation

Not every old house is destined for restoration in full period style. But more can be saved from demolition if tax credits are used to justify rehabilitation costs.

building a new porch railing

Building a New Porch Railing for a 1920s Home

When Bill Ticineto and Jill Chase added a period-appropriate verandah to their 1920s-era home, building a new porch railing for the steps to their side yard was a necessity. Here's how they did it.


How to Repair Old Porches

Tips and techniques for restoring and repairing old porches, including repairing porch posts, columns, flooring, skirting and more.

An arm, part of the center body, and embellishments have been cleaned and are ready for assembly.

Restoring Antique Lighting

Regardless of the condition, restoring antique lighting fixtures is one of the best ways to maintain your old house’s original character. Here we give you an enlightening tutorial about saving vintage fixtures: safety, cleaning, replacing missing parts, and special finishes.

painted wood floor

How To Restore Painted Wood Floors

Does your old house restoration project include sprucing up painted wood floors? A few days' work and a little know-how can leave wide boards beautiful for decades.


Protecting Your Lungs During Repairs

What to do to protect your lungs and prevent yourself from breathing in dust and fumes.

After decades of use, it's common for grout to fall away in patches where it meets adjacent materials.

Expert Advice: Fix Failing Grout

A reader's question about failing grout prompts a spot-on tutorial from a tile expert.

"We came home to find upper cabinets    at full tilt, with dishes smashing to smithereens onto the floor!" –Jim Sterling

A Fix for Falling Cabinets

When all the upper kitchen cabinets come loose.

Using 21st-century materials, The Cooper Group erected a massive free-span tent to cover the 17th-century Mayhew–Hancock–Mitchell house during a two-year restoration. New wood shingles were laid following the bowed and sagging lines of the time-worn roof.

Restoration Evolved

Since the urban-pioneer days of the 1970s, the residential restoration movement has been fluid and ever-changing, adopting new techniques and modern materials along the way.

Now there’s a compatible bay on the rear, and upper and lower porches have been restored.

Deleting A Poor Addition

With better space planning inside, we don’t miss the ugly add-on.

Remuddled Home

Home to Hospital to Headache

A structure gone from home to hospital to headache.

The ogee comes into play in this prominent kitchen shelf designed by Heartwood Kitchens of New England.

How To Make Compound Ogee Molding

When you can't find the right ogee molding off the shelf, here's how to make it.

chipped laminate cabinet

A Fix for Cabinet Veneer Chips

Delicate repairs for delaminating cabinets.

water infiltrates fireplace

A Fix for Water Infiltration

Solving the mystery of a wet firebox.


11 Tips for Surviving a Restoration

A seasoned old-house restorer gives advice on how to survive a major home restoration.


Repairing Structural Brickwork

A combination of modern materials and traditional techniques is key when repairing brick walls.


How to Repair Your Stairs

Whether your stairs are loose, squeaky, or moving away from the wall, we’ve got the cure.

finance restoration, renovation cost

Expert Advice: Financing a Restoration

Find out if there are any grants, tax breaks or other money sources that can help you finance your home restoration project.

man working on shingle repair

Save, Repair, or Replace?

Knowing what to save, what to repair, and what to replace (or replicate) is the key to increasing the longevity and comfort of your treasured home.


Radiator Enhancements

Paint them, enclose them, ditch them? You have options.

HeartWood Fine Windows and Doors custom designs period-appropriate entryways. (Photo courtesy of HeartWood Fine Windows & Doors)

Warm Welcome

Treat guests to a traditionally styled entry.

The client is in the shipping business so he selected nautically themed Zuber wallpaper depicting trading seaports for the entry hall.

Colonial Revival Preservation & Addition

Reimagining a client’s boyhood home, Austin Patterson Disston Architects and landscape architect Diane Devore create a self-sustaining compound meant for multiple generations.

A newly enclosed porch connects old and new house parts. An old stone sink and painted grain bin are part of the patina of the old house. The ceiling was painted to match the bin.

Faithful to Local Roots

A kitchen addition takes its place in the house’s history.

Conserved and repaired, the panel is framed by the woodwork.

A Remodeled Fireplace

What we found behind the drywall helped us restore a focal point.

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