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Old House Journal's compendium of articles about how to repair and install roofing, siding & gutters on historic or older houses, including clapboards, shingles, masonry, flashing, tile, color-matching and more. 

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A Better Roof

Technical improvements are bringing the roof into the future.


Roofing Innovations

Evolving technologies for slate, tile, concrete, and metal roofs; the news on solar; plus a millworks shop tour.

Renaissance Roofing

Major Home Maintenance Projects

Starting with waterproofing at roof and foundation, and proceeding to outdated electrical service, here are the major home maintenance projects you shouldn't put off.

Remove debris from gutters

One-Day Project: Clean Your Gutters

This biannual ritual will help keep your house functioning smoothly.

Chimney problem

Fixing a Chimney Mishap

A mason and homeowners derail a near disaster while building a stone chimney.


How to Restore Window Boxes & Siding Damage

Exposed to the harsh elements, window boxes and siding often need to be repaired and restored.


Roofing for Historic Buildings

A weather-tight roof is basic in the preservation of a structure, regardless of its age, size, or design. In the system that allows a building to work as a shelter, the roof sheds the rain, shades from the sun, and buffers the weather.

hardware repair

Exterior Fix-Ups

Head outside for three projects: sealing tarnished brass, fixing torn window screens, and installing functional shutters.

A lightning rod on the tower of the author’s house. (Photo credit: William Wright)

Lightning Rod Basics

If yours is the tallest house around, if it’s surrounded by open land, if it’s been hit before: invest in lightning protection.

gutter care

Gutter Clinic

The best time to inspect and clean your gutters is before problems start.

wood cladding with stone

A Short Course on Cladding: Part 2

Replacing a few damaged shingles or even a section of them is a one-person job.

House with yellow cladding

A Short Course on Cladding: Part 1

Clapboards, shingles, and stone cladding are timeless, so it’s no wonder all three have made a comeback for houses built in this century. Just be sure any new materials match the quality of those on the house.

Damaged clapboards and new ones

How To Replace Damaged Clapboards

Learn how to seamlessly substitute new clapboards for damaged ones.

Bungalow with bracketed roof

How To Install Roof Brackets

Stylish details don’t have to stop at the front door of your house. Give your roof some decorative attention with well-placed brackets.

The success of the standing seam roof rests on the height and integrity of the seam. It typically projects 1" or more above the surface and is therefore higher than any running water.

How To Install a Standing Seam Metal Roof

Handsome, durable, and romantic in the rain, tin roofs can be easily installed with a few simple tools.

It's easy to replace wooden shingles—like the ones on this roof—individually.

Replace a Shingle in 5 Steps

When just a few wooden shingles are damaged, replacing them one at a time saves money and staves off future problems.

The landscaping near your house can have a major effect on how much water the structure retains.

5 Ideas to Keep Water Away from Your House

These easy-to-implement tips can help your house function as it should by mitigating water infiltration.

To restore the missing tower on his Italianate house, homeowner Harry Came dreamed up an unconventional plan: Build a new one on the ground and lift it into position.

Rebuilding a Mansard Roof

A reader’s innovative project restores the missing tower roof on his Italianate house.

The author's circa-1900 Colonial Revival-style house in Staten Island, New York, had Yankee gutters that were beginning to fail.

Repair Yankee Gutters in 5 Steps

A homeowner recoats her built-in yankee gutters to repair damaging leaks.

The finished roof is a period-appropriate accompaniment to the author's 100-year-old Foursquare.

How To Install a Faux Slate Roof

Re-roofing a house can be an overwhelming prospect. That said, there’s a lot of instant gratification in roofing, and if done on a beautiful day, it can even be (dare I say it?) fun. Whether you’re looking to save money or just have a hand in sheltering your old home, some roof projects are worth undertaking.


How To Prevent Lightning Damage

Prevent lightning damage with lightning rods.

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