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History of Chimney Pots

For most folks, the business end of a chimney is the hearth that throws off the warmth and the mantelpiece that grabs center stage in the room. For architects and builders, however, almost as important is the chimney top.

Golden Flue Golden Flue, a branch of Golden’s Chimney Lining, Inc., was formed in 1986. Golden’s Chimney Lining, formed in 1980, was the first company to install a pumped masonry liner in the United States. We originated the method of carving the smoke chamber to provide a safer chimney and after many years the technique was […]

European Copper

(800) 391-0014 Designer and manufacturer of unique copper chimney pots. UL-listed and compatible with all flue types. Available in three styles and seven sizes.


(844) 841-9343975 Transport Way, Suite 1  Petaluma, CA 94954 They’ve been pleasing customers since 1981 with handcrafted masterpieces in bath and kitchen sinks, range hoods, and other custom creations.

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