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Dutch Colonial Stone House and Local Antiques

The Van Deusen House in Hurley, New York, was built in 1723 as a story-and-a-half stone cottage with a kitchen ell. This simple form (not the bell-shaped gambrel we usually dub “Dutch Colonial”) is rooted in medieval Dutch architecture. The old Hudson Valley house underwent a major renovation in 1909 when three dormers were added, […]

Traditional Beach House

Rosemary Beach, on the Florida panhandle, is a sociable assemblage of homes woven together by sand paths and boardwalks. There are shops and restaurants, parks and gardens, a school, post office, and town hall. Rosemary Beach is like countless bucolic burgs across the country but for one key distinction. As towns go, it’s practically brand-new, […]

Gulf Coast Eclectic

Architect Eric Watson had designed more than 25 houses in the neotraditional community of Rosemary Beach in Florida’s panhandle before he set out to design his own home there. An oasis of good design, Rosemary Beach and its nearby precursor Seaside are new towns with urban codes requiring that residences adhere to specified traditional styles. […]

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