Greene and Greene

Arts & Crafts and More in Pasadena

With its mild climate and heady foliage, Pasadena has long enchanted visitors. Turn-of-the-century travel literature called the area “a Mediterranean wonderland,” and the mountain peaks, rising above the town, were said to evoke the Swiss Alps. A funicular railroad that took travelers to an “Alpine Tavern” advertised itself as connecting “Switzerland and Italy…From Roses and […]

William Laberge, Cabinetmaker

(802) 325-21175145 VT-30, Dorset, VT 05251 Fine custom furniture inspired by Greene and Greene and the Arts and Crafts movement, made for contemporary living. The Blacker House Desk is made of cherry with raised joinery, ebony inlay, and hand-carved “cloud lift” corbels and drawer pulls.

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