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Researching Early Paint Colors

How many old-house owners have glanced around their rooms and sighed, “If only walls could talk?” What, for example, could they tell us about the richest colors from the earliest days of colonial America, when paint was hand-ground, expensive, and often flaunted as a status symbol by those who could afford the very best?

An Old House and an Old Dog

Just days before we visited what would be our future old house, the owner passed away. She was 87 and had been a serial beagle owner, living with one long-eared, sharp-nosed pup after the other during the 60 years she’d been in the house. At first, this bit of background struck us as really, really […]

Creating a Colonial Garden

Spanning nearly three centuries, colonial gardens encompass a wide variety of styles—which means tailoring a period-appropriate aesthetic to fit your needs has never been easier.

Behind the Scenes of a Decade-Long Restoration

It’s not unusual for old-house owners to find themselves challenged by their restoration needs. Bringing an old house back to the glory of its youth can be a daunting proposition, and without the time to research specific period details—and the skills to re-create them—repairing older houses can be a daunting prospect. But what if you […]

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