OHJ December 2018

Editors' Letter: Personal Favorites

This issue is somewhat more interactive, as we publish stories juried by editors, then chosen for publication according to the volume of “Likes” on Facebook over the course of the year. See which bathroom and kitchen from our archives were best loved: apparently, people appreciate Depression-era kitchens and Arts & Crafts revival baths. More pages than usual point to products and companies who best serve this niche catering to restoration and period homes.

The inspirational house tours are, not surprisingly, from three distinct and beloved eras. First up is an unusual Texas house, which the owner has taken toward Aesthetic and Arts & Crafts design. Next find a carefully restored 1795 house with comfortable (yet museum-quality) rooms inside. The third tour takes us to a modest bungalow in Santa Barbara, brought back by serial DIYers in the reversal of a militaristic modernization during the 1960s.

The Restore section is a bit of an eat-your-spinach lecture—but one that any veteran of restoration would high-five. In a nutshell, it says, “Don’t plaster the parlor and put up wallpaper if the roof is still leaking.” Duh … but we’ve all been guilty of getting ahead of ourselves in the quest for old-house gratification. Note the coverage of some helpful tools and materials here.

Our Design article is about white kitchens that look like they belong. Frankly, it tackles a pet peeve of mine: I call it the Quincy kitchen. After the fictional medical examiner. Too clinical!

Have fun reading into the secret desires of OHJ staff. We know now that senior editor Mary Ellen Polson is tired of her cramped kitchens and wants only to soak in a tub. Managing Editor Lori Viator is a clean sweeper who loves her dog and doesn’t get seasick. Carol cooks while wearing a lot of jewelry, and Becky prefers classics, from Stickley to linoleum. I may have been a medieval maiden, or a nun, in a past life. Enjoy the issue!

~ Patricia Poore, Editorial Director of Old House Journal

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