OHJ October/November 2011

Product of the Week

Restoring Addison Mizner’s Rock Hall

It was the middle of a harsh winter when Stella and Michael Somers first glimpsed Rock Hall, a sprawling 1912 Mediterranean Revival mansion in Colebrook, Connecticut. The home’s architect, Addison Mizner, was famous for similarly styled oceanfront mansions in Palm Beach, Florida. The New York couple, looking for a place they could call home with […]

8 Great Addison Mizner Buildings

Born in 1872, Addison Mizner spent the majority of his developmental years in Spain and Central America due to his father’s job as the U.S. minister to Guatemala. By the age of 16, he had absorbed nearly every aspect of Spanish culture and heritage. Though he never acquired a formal university education in architecture, he […]

Seattle’s Best Historic Neighborhoods

There really is more to Seattle than coffee. Pacific Northwesterners identify themselves with majestic volcanic mountains, dense old-growth forests, and islands and waterways that have become daily commuter routes for many. Though residents purposely spread the myth that it rains in Seattle all the time to dissuade would-be newcomers, the city often boasts blue skies, […]

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