OHJ June/July 2010

Product of the Week

Frontier Victorians in Carson City, Nevada

Carson City, the capital of Nevada, has grown into a modern mini-metropolis, but it’s still a town that cherishes its frontier beginnings and post-Civil War past. Its old buildings are a remarkably sophisticated collection of the architectural styles that captured America’s fancy after the Civil War, often rendered in an unmistakably western vernacular. Tucked up […]

Classic Plants for Historic Gardens

Classic bedding plants like dahlias, coleus, impatiens, and petunias have long been American garden favorites. Their seemingly timeless appeal stems in part from their consistent beauty and ease of growth—but scientific innovations play a part, too.

Guide to Vintage Lightning Rods

Much has changed since the early days of lightning protection, when it was widely believed that the glass balls adorning lightning rods were an indicator of whether the rods were functioning properly. We now know that the glass balls were purely decorative—in fact, the balls’ different patterns and colors were how installers advertised their businesses.

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