radiant heat

Warmboard Radiant Subfloor

(877) 338-5493https://www.warmboard.com/ The only radiant heat panel and structural subfloor combined. Their patented technology is unmatched in providing even, responsive, energy-efficient radiant heat, right where and when you want it. It is compatible with all floor coverings.

Hydronic Alternatives

(413) 543-8733288 Verge Street Springfield, MA 01129http://www.hydronicalternatives.com/ A manufacturer representative and wholesale distributor for radiant heat, panel radiators, towel warmers and snow melters.

DK Heating & Sons, Inc.

(440) 510-3171http://dkhtg.com/ UL-approved, 120V/240V Warm-Touch® floor warming systems can be easily installed in renovations and new construction, under ceramic, stone, laminate, and carpeting. Luxurious accessories keep mirrors fog-free and towels warm and dry.


(800) 922-92762380 Cranberry Highway West Wareham, MA 02576https://www.calorique.com/ The world’s leading manufacturer of electric radiant heating panels with a wide range of uses, including radiant ceiling heating, under-floor warming, mirror defoggers and de-icing mats.

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