Cabinetry That Fits Any Home

The right style of kitchen cabinetry makes vintage homes feel complete.

How many times have we heard a variation of the phrase: “I want modern amenities in my home, but I want them to look like they’ve always been there”? Construction-wise, it can be demanding, but there is a certain bond and warmth that comes from keeping the original vision intact. And none more so than the design and fit of the cabinetry within.

At Crown Point Cabinetry, through the years, we became well-known for our craftsmanship that did just that: creating cabinetry that fit the home. Not just in a physical sense, though architectural challenges can put us to the test, but fit properly in an almost emotional manner. Perhaps it’s better to offer a quote from one of our clients, “These cabinets are just right.”

We have crafted our cabinetry to fit vintage homes in styles that range from Early American (And yes, even in a very old home that the client will swear that “George Washington actually did sleep here once”) to Mid-Century Modern. Though there’s no commonality among the thousands of homes that have our cabinetry, there is among our clients: the passion for their homes.

It doesn’t matter if the home was built in 1830 as a Greek Revival in Michigan, or a California bungalow in 1950, or a quaint 1880 Victorian in Massachusetts. We at Crown Point Cabinetry strive to create the look the homeowners are after, working closely with them, to ensure the cabinetry they get is “just right.”

Being a full custom cabinetmaker, we can accommodate more than just architectural pitches, angles and curves. Sometimes a client’s home may not be strongly indicative of a particular style, so it’s important to listen to the client and help them find the style of cabinetry that works for them and their home. They want to keep the legacy of their home, whatever it may be. Answering questions on multiple subjects, such as stain versus paint, or wood specie or appropriate moulding is all part of the process. If it’s important to them, it’s important to us.

Each home has its own story. Some tell modest, but important tales. Others weave an amazing narrative, complete with hope, hard times, even abandonment, and finally standing tall at being redeemed. Regardless of the history, each homeowner felt it was important to make it not just as before, but better than before.

To take but one example, there’s a grand home, built in 1904, resplendent with gorgeous walking gardens, a nearby pond, and is now on the historical register. Beautifully built, amazing to look at, but for too many years this home suffered through neglect and abuse. As owners changed over time, each brought along ideas as to what the home ought to be. Without giving the house its proper due, the ideas were forced, contrary, and the house fell into further disarray.

The final blow came in later years, the home’s many rooms used as ramshackle apartments, with low-income tenants cooking on open flame inside. Thankfully, nearby keen eyes with an appreciation for the past saw the potential of that home, learned of its early history, and knew that it needed to be saved. Beyond the means of that particular individual, but with a few phone calls, the right person was reached, and in due time a new owner was secured.

Crown Point Cabinetry was extremely proud to be part of that renovation, working with the client to bring about their vision for the many rooms requiring cabinetry. It is always exciting to work with someone who shares the appreciation of craftsmanship of the past.

Our homes are that connection to the past. And like ancient storytellers, we hope that by maintaining and preserving our homes they will continue to share their stories with future listeners. 

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