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Editors' Picks: Do-It-Yourself Projects

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Our editors highlight new and classic articles, along with favorite products and current bookstore sales. This week, get a jump on the new year by tackling some long-neglected DIY projects.

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to make a fresh start—for you and your old house. You know that list of projects you've been putting off for weeks (or months or years)? Put your remaining vacation days to good use and give your house one or two of those little tune-ups it so desperately needs. Whether you're repairing plaster or refreshing a doorway, these three DIY projects will provide inspiration and guidance:


How To Move an Old Door:An expert’s step-by-step tutorial can help you put an old door to work in a new jamb.

How To Fix Plaster Ceilings: Techniques for reattaching plaster ceilings.

How To Repair Leaded Glass:Learn to repair your home’s old leaded glass by following along with a fearless DIYer.

New This Week

How to Rewire an Antique Light Fixture When original lighting fixtures flicker and fail, restore them to good working order by rewiring.


Wonderful Windsors The Windsor chair originated in England, but after colonial craftspeople adopted the form, this furniture favorite became uniquely American.

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Enfield Meetinghouse Bench $400 - $800
by Shaker Workshops
The Enfield Meetinghouse Bench was featured in the Early Homes article, Wonderful Windsors. This spindled bench is a Shaker refinement of the sturdy, time-tested Windsor style. The original is in the collection of the Shaker Museum and Library in Old Chatham, New York.

Enfield Meetinghouse Bench

The Enfield Meetinghouse Bench is available as an unfinished kit, a "ready to ship" finished piece, and a "made to order" finished piece. Click here for more information.

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Vintage Door g121etchedglass

Vintage Doors

Vintage Doors produces hand-crafted, solid hardwood doors for every type of interior and exterior home project, including screen, Dutch, porch, and pet doors and garden gates.


Icera Home & Bath

Specializing in high-performance water closets and the most technically challenging of ceramic products, the company surpasses industry standards and consumer expectations.