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The 23rd annual Arts & Crafts Conference gets underway at the iconic Grove Park Inn this weekend—the three-day immersion into all things A&C is a yearly pilgrimage for many die-hard aficionados, who come to listen to lectures on everything from pottery to gardens, tour some of Asheville's meticulously restored old houses, and try to nab original Stickley and Limbert furniture at the legendary antiques show. Can't make it to Grove Park this year? Then check out our mini-guide to the Arts & Crafts movement, with tips on collecting A&C antiques, a primer on the work of A&C architects Greene & Greene, and a roadmap for creating an A&C garden.

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Arts & Crafts Collecting: A seasoned Arts & Crafts collector shares her tips for hobbyists of all stripes, whether you’re just starting out or already have a house full of Stickley.

The Architectural Influences of Greene & Greene: When a twist of fate landed architect brothers Charles and Henry Greene in California, they seized upon the state’s burgeoning identity to create a new brand of architecture and design.

Designing an Arts & Crafts Garden: The gardens of the Arts & Crafts movement found common ground in a reverence for understated natural beauty and a connection to the home—ideals that are easily implemented today.

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Top 10 Restoration Mistakes: Read up on these common renovation don’ts to avoid making them on your house.

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Built-Inspirations: Need more storage space in your old house? Built-ins are a good way to find it.

Mapping Out a Restoration: From the Civil War to Nixon, the Sanborn Fire Insurance Company’s maps meticulously documented buildings in thousands of cities. Today, they can be invaluable for uncovering your home’s long-lost historical details.

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Reproduction Maybeck Hall Chair $800-880
by Murphy Woodworking
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Reproduction Maybeck hall chair, S.D. Murphy

This unusual backed-taboret design was inspired by a chair attributed to architect Bernard Maybeck. The original is part of the permanent collection at the Oakland Museum in Oakland, California.

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Bungalow kitchens can easily be made to function for the 21st century without compromising their integrity. This book offers tips on everything from design and dealing with professionals to the appliances that will work for your kitchen.


Experience the beauty of the bungalow as author Jane Powell takes you through 85 of the truest examples in North America, brilliantly showcased through the photography of Linda Svendsen.


This lovely, photo-packed book features an array of homes that showcase the beauty of natural materials. It offers plenty of ideas for both incorporating Arts & Crafts style into both new and existing homes.

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Nostalgic Warehouse

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Pacific Register Co.

Pacific Register Co. specializes in registers manufactured from steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel, wood, acrylic and stone in standard designs and sizes as well as custom designs. Made in the USA.