Editors' Picks: Exterior Tune-Ups for Old Houses

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Our editors highlight new and classic articles, along with favorite products and current bookstore sales. This week, give your old house some exterior tune-ups.
Now that spring has officially sprung, you no longer have any excuses for putting off the myriad outdoor projects crowding your to-do list. Before you pick up your tool belt and head outside, though, read up on some tips, tricks, and design guidelines for three exterior elements most likely in need of a little TLC (or a complete makeover) this season.

Victorian porch

Porch Details for Every Era: Old catalogs yield clues to appropriate styles for columns and other millwork.

Garage Door Design Guide: From the opening of the auto age, garage doors scored serious style points. Today, manufacturers offer a variety of period-perfect portals that evoke those eye-catching early designs.

Gutter Talk: The different kinds of gutters on old houses present some confusing maintenance questions, but the answers are common-sense and simple to perform.

New This Week

Stylish Sheds: When choosing outbuildings for your garden, consider the design, adaptability, and placement.

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Historic Coastal Village: Things to do and see in Mystic, Connecticut.

Plymouth Federal: Historic Hedge House has been restored with eye-popping wallpapers and carpets true to its 1809 heritage.

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K-Style Gutters, by The Copper Gutter Shop


Gutters protect a home from rain that can cause mildew, rot and leaky basements. If it's too late for routine maintenance, consider looking for period-appropriate replacements. These copper gutters are available in several sizes and styles from The Copper Gutter Shop.

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