Editors' Picks: Repairing and Restoring an Old Roof

Our editors highlight new and classic articles. This week, show some love to the roof over your head.

When they're looking and working as they should, we don't give much thought to roofs and their components. But when they're not? It can be downright painful, whether the problem is a leaky ceiling in the kitchen or a previous owner's re-shingling job that mars the home's historic character.

faux slate roof

Deep shadows and shades of gray are the essence of slate roofs, and the appearance manufacturers emulate with asphalt shingles. Using multiple layers of laminated asphalt shingles in convincing slatelike shapes reinforces the impression.

The breezy days of spring are the perfect time to take another look at neglected roofs, and we've got some stories that can help. Find out how to get the look of slate at a fraction of the cost and weight, get answers to some common gutter questions, and discover sources for a host of fanciful roof ornaments (dragon-festooned chimney pot, anyone?).

Slate Roof Stand-Ins: A buyer’s guide to man-made substitutes for natural stone.

Gutter Talk: The different kinds of gutters on old houses present some confusing maintenance questions, but the answers are common-sense and simple to perform.

Ornamenting the Roof: Checking in with makers of finials and filigree, weathervanes, chimney pots, and fancy shapes.

New This Week

install kitchen cabinets

How to Install Kitchen Cabinets: A carpenter’s own kitchen install offers tricks for hanging cabinets that are plumb, level, and square—in rooms that aren’t.

Hardware in Context: Hand-worked, wrought-iron thumb latches and strap hinges recall the charm of a distant American past. But in what settings were these evocative pieces used, and where do they fit into homes today?

Texas Stone House: Architect Michael Imber draws inspiration from a rocky woodland site for the design of this San Antonio new old house.

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