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Hardwood floors are one of the character-defining features of old houses, but over the years, they can start to show signs of wear and tear—and not in a good way. Fortunately, most wood-floor issues are easily fixable, whether through a simple patch or a new finish coat. And if your old floors are truly too far gone to salvage, there are plenty of options on the market for mimicking their well-worn charm. Check out the articles below to find out what your options are for renewing old floors, and how to implement solutions.

Remilled chestnut flooring, popular in some regions and no longer available as new growth (Chestnut Specialists)

Repairing & Refinishing Wood Floors: How to determine whether to preserve, refinish, or replace vintage wood floors.

Fixing Wood Floors: With a little know-how, you can silence faulty floorboards and repair minor damage.

A Clearer View of Floor Finishes: Once you understand the pros and cons of traditional methods and modern products, it's easier to balance history and practicality.

5 Milled Wood Floors: Adding milled wood floors to your house offers beauty underfoot.

New This Week

Tile Patterns for Old-House Baths: Tile floors accented with period designs, from simple to elaborate, can be a great fit for old-house bathrooms.

A modern floor's geometric tile-inspired installation of contrastic mosaics.

Old-House Heating Made Pretty: From hot-air vents to radiators and baseboards, visible parts of heating systems can be made more appropriate to your old house.

American Foursquare Architecture & Interiors: The epitome of the post-Victorian “comfortable house,” the Foursquare is about dignified self-containment.

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River-Recovered Heart Pine flooring

Goodwin Heart Pine Flooring

From Goodwin Heart Pine

Goodwin's River-Recovered Heart Pine is reclaimed flooring with a twist—the boards come from the bottom of the Suwanee River, where they sank hundreds of years ago as they were being shipped downstream from logging mills. A rare treasure preserved by the spring-fed river, the logs are retrieved by divers, then slowly air- and kiln-dried and milled into durable, character-filled boards in a variety of lengths and specifications.

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Allied Window

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Crown Point Cabinetry

Crown Point Cabinetry offers custom cabinets for period style kitchens, baths, offices, laundry rooms, home bars and more. Styles include Shaker, Arts & Crafts, Early American, Victorian and Transitional.