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Fireplaces are an ideal way to keep warm in the winter, but did you know that early fireplaces often held several fires, or that you should check your chimney annually to make sure it's not a fire hazard?

Learn interesting facts, tips, and product suggestions from our collection of old house magazines. 

Federal mantel

A Federal mantel at a ca. 1815 Palladian house in Louisville, Kentucky, features a sunburst centerpiece and graceful tapering pilasters.

Old-House History

A Frame for the Fireplace The stylistic history of mantels.

The Beauty of the Mantel The mantelpiece becomes a signature focal point.

Designing a Fireplace Adding a historically inspired mantel to your reproduction fireplace offers a period look for your home.

Decorating Ideas

TV Camouflage Hide your flat screen in the fireplace.

Miles Industries / Valor Gas Fireplaces If your house didn't come with a fireplace, Valor fireplaces look like the real thing and are fully functional heaters that don’t use electricity (or chimneys!).

Safety Tips

Chimney cap diagram

Chimney cap diagram.

Chimney Checklist Is your chimney safe?

How to Protect Your Home from Fires

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Indow Window Inserts

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Bendheim Cabinet Glass

Bendheim’s Cabinet Glass website brings homeowners more than 100 specialty glass varieties for doors, windows and cabinet inserts, including mouth-blown glass, chicken wire glass, patterned glass, etched glass, colored glass, fluted glass, decorative laminated glass, and more.