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We want you to help us pick our next cover! Check out the two cover possibilities for the next issue of Old-House Interiors, and vote for the one you like the best—the one you would pick up first. Be a part of helping us edit and design Old-House Interiors. We need your vote!

Thanks for helping us choose our cover! And the winner is...

Cover A, with some elements of Cover B added. The vote count was heavily in favor of the crate and barrel cover, but many commenters noted that the more colorful words on the mid-century cover were easier to read. We made the lines on the C&B cover more colorful.


From the Comments

Libby: The colors in B are more attractive, but the plate-glass windows don’t look appropriate for an old house. The windows in A look old, and I want to know more about them.

Diane: Have you thought about cover B using the A background photo? I voted for A because I like what’s in the photo, but the color scheme of the text in B makes the cover more lively and the text more readable. Looking forward to the issue no matter what the cover looks like!

Rhonda: Photography & home style in selection “A” is much more illustrative of what I would expect to see in Old-House Interiors; however, copy on selection “B” is far more vivid & eye-catching. For these reasons, selection “B” would catch my attention on first glance, and so, my vote follows.

Agree or disagree with our choice? Post your comment here!

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