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When Abatron, Inc. began developing wood repair epoxy materials in the late 1970’s, there was no way we could have possibly known the impact it would have on the process of repairing windows and the sheer number of windows they would help save. Take it directly from the experts:

Austin Historical, Inc. – Orlando, FL

The Prince Charles Hotel

“As a historic wood window restoration company, we depend on Abatron wood products like LiquidWood® and WoodEpox® on a daily basis. Being a company that works on projects hundreds of miles from our shop at times we count on all the products we use to perform solidly every time since a callback can mean thousands of dollars in travel costs. Abatron has shown time and again that we can count on it to perform just like we need and expect to meet our quality standards. We recently finished restoring over 500 windows at the Prince Charles Hotel in Fayetteville, North Carolina, using Abatron products and they were a pivotal partner in getting the job done!” - Scott Sidler, Founder & CEO 

Wadsworth Construction – Waukon, IA

Abatron window repair example

Restoration by Wadsworth Construction

David Wadsworth built his business on a pillar of sustainable construction and added window restoration and preservation to his repertoire as the need for it grew throughout north-east Iowa. David attributes his company’s success with preservation work on the ability to meld modern materials and techniques with classic design and construction.

“Abatron’s products are good examples of modern materials that allow us to restore and rehabilitate, instead of replace. We can use LiquidWood® and WoodEpox® to preserve individual rails and stiles within a sash and feel confident about their performance.”David Wadsworth, Owner

Window Woman of New England – Amesbury, MA

Window Woman of New England was established in 2003 by Alison Hardy. Operating as a full-service window shop north of Boston, it offers everything from minor tune-ups to full-scale restorations. Alison and her crew can easily work on over 1,000 windows in a year.

Abatron window repair, Royall House Mansion
Abatron window repair

Royall House Mansion and associated window repair

“Here at Window Woman of New England, we use Abatron epoxy for historic repairs. Currently we’re working on restoring the windows at the Royall House Museum and Slave Quarters in Medford, Massachusettes. The Mansion, built 1732-1737, has over 35 windows of various configurations. In making repairs we are careful to make it obvious to future generations that repairs were made at a later date. Abatron makes it easy to make non-structural, cosmetic repairs such as the one shown here, repairing damage on the bottom rail. These windows will get painted and restored to function.” – Alison Hardy, Founder & CEO

American Window Restoration – Blue Mounds, WI

"We specialize in the proper and documented restoration of wooden windows. We combine the attributes of a contractor and an artist to provide quality, hand-crafted products. Wood windows, when properly maintained can last for centuries. I have been using products from Abatron for 10 years and have never had a reason to look for a different supplier. Historic window restoration presents many unique challenges in the process of saving and strengthening original components. It is my goal with any historic project to save as much of the original as possible. Restoration products from Abatron provide solutions that make this possible. I have used Abatron products on a wide variety of repairs and have witnessed how they perform over time. I have confidence in these products and my processes for each new project." – Mark Nelson, Principal

Heritage House ballroom, Abatron window repair

Heritage House Ballroom Windows, Kenosha, WI


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