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Perfect for old houses, Crown Point Cabinetry’s hand-crafted, quality traditional cabinets are created in a variety of styles, and can be customized for any home.
Brian Stowel Crown Point
One of seven children of Crown Point founder Norm Stowell, Brian Stowell heads the company.

Hand-crafted,fully custom cabinets are sold direct to clients all over the U.S. by Crown Point Cabinetry, now in second-generation family ownership. Made by nearly 100 people using time-honored techniques such as mortise-and-tenon joinery and dovetailed drawer ends, “these aren’t fashion cabinets,” says majority owner Brian Stowell. “They are forever cabinets.”

While his father, Norm Stowell, would go to a customer’s house to build cabinets on site, today’s cabinets are produced in a truly state-of-the-art facility, where most standard components are cut guided by CNC machines
accurate to 1 / 1000th of an inch.

This computer-aided precision “has helped revolutionize the quality and productivity of medium-sized cabinetmakers,” Stowell says. “Beyond quality and accuracy, the software in the machinery helps us minimize material waste, which is good for the environment while helping control costs for our clients.”

Crown Point Cabinetry
Client choices assure kitchen cabinetry fits seamlessly into a new or existing house.

What hasn’t changed is Norm’s dedication to quality fit and finish. Recognized as fine furniture, the company’s cabinetry includes mortise-and-tenon joinery in all face frames; walnut dovetail drawers and plywood interiors; hand fitting of all doors and drawers; polish sanding of all pieces in preparation for stain, paint, and sealers. Unique finishes combine the consistency of automated spraying with the durability and beauty of an oven-baked topcoat.

Crown Point Cabinetry
Rachel Myhre hand-sands a cabinet door.

Endless variations on period styles, from early American to Arts & Crafts and beyond, are amplified by a choice of more than 20 wood species, including an array of reclaimed woods. Then there’s paint (more than 150 color choices) or stain (multiple options for each species). Even the inset cabinet hinges—easily adjustable with a screwdriver—are a bespoke design.  In-house designers help clients sift through all their choices.

Crown Point Cabinetry
Shawn Currier sands a contour on a turned maple post. 

The company also offers the Crown Select line, from the same talented cabinetmakers. It has a slightly more limited slate of options to hold projects at a lower price point than previously attainable. 

Crown Point Cabinetry
Claremont, New Hampshire
(800) 999-4994

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