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Family-run Whidbey Millhouse produces classic flooring, shiplap boards, V-join ceilings, and siding.
Whidbey Millhouse
Standing near boards to be shipped from Whidbey Millhouse, from left: Maverick Christensen, Bret Christensen, and Nathan Hettick. 

Milling wood is a tradition in Bret Christensen’s family; they have owned and operated lumber mills in the Pacific Northwest for over a century. When a small, high-quality lumber mill in picturesque Freeland, a hamlet on the southern end Whidbey Island in Puget Sound, came up for sale, Bret didn’t hesitate. With his son, Maverick Christensen, and business partner Nathan Hettick, he bought Whidbey Millhouse in 2020. 

Christensen is continuing the mill’s focus on all-natural, historically accurate work, along with a longstanding commitment to sustainable forestry. Last summer, the mill moved to a 12,000-square-foot warehouse, across the street from the original shop, substantially expanding operations and productivity. Kiln-dried and heat-treated raw materials are used to produce flooring (along with treads and risers, etc.), shiplap boards, V-joint ceilings, and siding in Douglas fir, spruce, and pine. The goods are shipped all around the country.

A recent project was running 20,000 linear feet of clear vertical-grain Douglas fir for a historic restoration in nearby Coupeville. The astounding  24-foot-long boards of ultra-fine, vertical-grain boards were run without a flaw. That length is very desirable and almost unheard-of. 

Whidbey Millhouse
Character-rich shiplap boards were aged to create a reclaimed look.

The most popular products are the Douglas fir flooring and shiplap; rustic shiplap is another favorite. The mill also produces Scandinavian-style, clear, wide-plank flooring.

Whidbey Millhouse
The product is inspected and graded on outfeed.

Bret Christensen’s advice to customers? For the best results after installation, be sure to let the wood products acclimate to your home, stored inside, to allow the new wood to match ambient conditions. He says it can take up to several weeks, so “be patient.”

Whidbey Millhouse
The finished product: clear vertical-grain Douglas fir tongue-and-groove nickel gap shiplap.

Whidbey Millhouse
Freeland, Washington
(360) 221-8121

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