Walker Zanger tile

Walker Zanger Andalucia collection.

1. Walker Zanger Channel traditional Moorish architecture with artisanal, three-dimensional hex tiles from the Andalucia collection, handmade in the company’s own global factories. walkerzanger.com

Fireclay Tile

Fireclay Tile hex tile.

2. Fireclay Tile Picket may be elongated, but it still counts as hex given its six sides. The matte, non-reflective glaze offers variation in color with minimal crackled detailing. fireclaytile.com

Arcilla Hex ceramic field tile

Ann Sacks Arcilla Hex ceramic field tile.

3. Ann Sacks Handcrafted in Spain, Arcilla Hex ceramic field tile offers an undulating surface with of-the-moment colorations. annsacks.com

Nemo Tile + Stone's Palm Mix Hex

Nemo Tile + Stone's Palm Mix Hex from the Casablanca Porcelain Collection.

4. Nemo Tile + Stone Transform your space into an understated tropical paradise with Palm Mix Hex, a matte-finish tile that hails from the Casablanca Porcelain Collection, suitable for floors and walls. nemotile.com

Artaic Hex Umbra2

Artaic Hex Umbra2 from the Verge collection.

5. Artaic Hex Umbra2 comprises one-inch glazed porcelain tiles from the Boston-based company’s Verge collection, which offers a contemporary take on the traditional geometrics of woven, beaded, and block-printed textiles. artaic.com

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