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Brilliant green and a subtle Chinoiserie design mark de Gournay’s ‘Earlham’, hand-painted on dyed silk.

Scenic Wallpaper

Hand-painted and wood block-printed wallpapers surround us with historical scenes, both real and imagined, or they can bring the panoramic outdoors to rooms inside. Cycling in and out of fashion since the 17th century, scenics are on the rise again. Options run from traditional, almost three-dimensional views in brilliant color to quiet grisailles, modern interpretations, and friezes.

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Shuttercraft exterior shutters


Family owned manufacturer of top quality red cedar, mahogany, basswood, poplar, and red oak shutters for interior and exterior, and providers of full painting services, a large selection of exterior hardware and endless cutout design.

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House tours

Forest Oaks

The Story of Forest Oaks

Built in 1806 as a side-hall house with a tavern, this dwelling, known today as Forest Oaks, became a manor after additions in 1812 and, significantly, in 1916.

Craftsman makeover

A Craftsman Makeover

Better lines, better proportions, better trim—and an Arts & Crafts house rises in the neighborhood. The architect–homeowner explains design considerations for seamless makeovers.

mid-century modern house

A West Coast 1957 Modern House

Smitten by terrazzo floors and expanses of glass, ancient California live oaks and a sublime simplicity, a family restores a 1957 Modern house to its original integrity.

"The Moorings"

Italianate Beauty

The gazebo of this cherished 1864 Italianate house on Cape Cod has become a beloved feature in the neighborhood—as much a part of the history of the house as its Italianate elements.

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