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An inspiring, informative collection of articles on historical kitchens and period d bathrooms. See retro kitchens, kitchen additions, and new old kitchens. Learn about stoves, kitchen cabinets, and retro appliances. Tour inspired old-house bathrooms.

Refrigerator drawer in an old-house kitchen

6 Ways to Hide Kitchen Appliances

Modern machines are the anachronism in a period kitchen—here are 6 ideas for disguising them.

Glasgow School bathroom

Glasgow School in the Bathroom

A tutorial in bracing color and geometric, stylized forms.

restored Victorian kitchen

A Period-Perfect Victorian Kitchen

A wonderful Victorian kitchen and pantries fit this 1861 house.

The restored bathroom in an 1894 house boasts a complex mosaic floor that resembles a richly detailed rug.

Mosaic Floor Tile Patterns for Baths

Mosaic floor tile patterns, from simple to elaborate, can be a great fit for old-house bathrooms.

Pratt & Larson’s ‘Classic Cream’ subway tile

6 Tips for Tile on a Budget

Strategies for using art tile to best effect, with other ways to get artisan or custom looks for less.

Blue Dragon by Benjamin Moore paint, Palm Beach kitchen

A Palm Beach Kitchen

Designer Sarah Blank brings a fresh perspective to a kitchen in Palm Beach, Florida.

black-and-white checkerboard-pattern floor

Period Appropriate Kitchen

Nods to history keep a brand-new kitchen anchored in an earlier era and period appropriate.

1 main photo 20081104_ach_couturie_361_im_1

A Transcendent Bathroom in Ojai

A seamless addition allowed for this master bath, imagined as a ca. 1930 upgrade.

2 031K_BOHIMA07_im

Cottage Style for a Kitchen

Nostalgic details belie the room’s efficiency and storage capacity.

Prairie School kitchen

Prairie School Kitchen

The new design for a kitchen follows Prairie School doctrine.

Pierre Frey wallpaper

Revival Kitchen in Seattle

Strong color unifies a revival kitchen in a 1910 Seattle house.

period style kitchen

Revival Kitchen in a Queen Anne

With the look of a butler’s pantry full of built-ins, it’s family-friendly.

vintage kitchen

Hiding Modern Amenities in Older Homes

Design considerations for hiding modern amenities and creating credible period homes.


Colonial Revival Vintage Kitchen

See a vintage kitchen with two pantries in this Colonial Revival home.

1 OHI Feb11 Robt Benson DavidScottParker_Bucks_QA_bjk

1882 Queen Anne Victorian Master Suite

If the bedroom in your 1882 Queen Anne Victorian has a gilded ceiling, what is the bathroom like?

Victorian settee with its original green upholstery

Ideas from an Edwardian Bathroom

With gleaming tile and salvaged parts, an Edwardian bath is full of ideas to borrow.

Tudor kitchen, vintage sink

Vintage Sinks

If you’re lucky enough to have a vintage sink in your kitchen, it’s probably one of the things you treasure most about the house.

vintage philco fridge

Happy Kitchen for a 1940s Postwar Home

Most homebuyers would tear out a 1940s postwar kitchen; this owner went in the opposite direction.

vintage stove

Hickory in a Retro Kitchen

Bold choices work well in this Victorian Revival upgrade.

kitchen island

Classic Tudor Kitchen Addition

Architect Donald Lococo uses a minimalist aesthetic to tie a new gabled wing to a classic Tudor.

swing out seats

A 1910-1930 Kitchen

When you buy an old house, you will have to remodel the kitchen. Old houses never have enough storage space. Bachelors don’t cook. Wrong, wrong, and wrong—at least at Sconehenge, David Berman’s 1910 Shingle Style house in Plymouth, Mass.

green kitchen built-in

Light Cottage Renovation

Sometimes, what is retained is as important as what is renovated or added. Small things and the right details in a cottage renovation can bring back the joy.

Kennebec Company cabinets

Buying Kitchen Cabinets

The specs are confusing, quality and pricing all over the map. Here’s a stab at untangling the choices.

A bathroom in a 1928 American Standard catalog is radiant with brightly colored tile.

Guide to 20th-Century Bathroom Tile

When it comes to restoring the tile in a period bathroom, which style is appropriate for your home's style and era? A look at the evolution of styles, colors and uses for home bathroom tile in the 20th Century.

Tiled-in  marble top bathtub  in sunny restored bathroom,

The History of the Bathtub

An inside look at the history and evolution of the common bathtub can help you choose the right one for your old house.

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