Plaster Magic

Plaster Magic® is the ultimate plaster repair adhesive used by contractors and DIYs, to repair cracked and loose plaster walls and ceilings permanently.
Plaster Magic

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Plaster Magic® provides a fundamental reinforcement of your plaster walls and ceilings. The most important aspect of plaster repair is to stabilize your existing plaster first-before filling in holes and cracks. As long as the plaster is still in place, it can be stabilized and repaired. 

Plaster Magic® is designed specifically to reattach historic plaster to wood lath or brick. The two part system combines a consolidant to bind up any loose dust and debris between the plaster and lath with an injectable adhesive.

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Plaster Magic® conditioner (consolidant) soaks up, into and solidifies the plaster surfaces and dust that accumulates over the at least 100 years of the plaster’s life. This gives the Plaster Magic® adhesive a solid surface to bond onto.

Plaster Magic® adhesive has two features that contribute to its ease of use and the longevity of your repair. The Plaster Magic® adhesive has a dual viscosity which allows it to be injected into tight spaces and stay put after you’re finished injecting it.

The effort in designing the Plaster Magic® system came out of 35 years of plaster repair contracting and the need for a solution for plaster repair that fixed exactly what was wrong with the plaster, worked with the historic plaster system and did it effectively and economically.

Since the repair and reinforcement is all done subsurface nothing need to be applied to the surface. You can if you’d like but it is unnecessary.

Plaster repair consists of two distinct tasks: stability and cosmetics.

Plaster Magic® stabilizes historic plaster quicker (less mess and money) than any other method out there and permanently.

Until the plaster is stabilized no cosmetic fix lasts. Once the plaster is stabilized, any cosmetic treatment will last.

Topically applied, superficial repair methods rely on the paint surface, typically a couple mils thick (2/1000th of an inch), to hold it in place. This isn’t what paint is capable of doing long term.

Plaster cracks are a separation in the plaster wall or ceiling, turning the plaster from one piece of plaster into two. What Plaster Magic® does is reattaches the plaster to the lath (like it was when it was new!). These are easily fixed by stitching the crack. This means drilling a hole either side of the crack, every other lath.

There is no opening up the crack, this actually weakens the plaster.

There is nothing that works as good as or better to reinforce the crack than using wood to bridge it. Period.

The Plaster Magic® system for repairing plaster takes half the time and half the money than any other method. Less mess, less clean up, less work for plaster repair that lasts longer. And because nothing needs to go on the surface your plaster can look the same as it did before you started only without the cracks.

Plaster Magic® is an advanced patented formula, designed specifically for the reattachment of plaster to wood lath (or masonry/brick). Plaster Magic® reinforces the plaster subsurface, using the wood lath to bridge the cracks and solidify the plaster around areas to be patched. 

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