The Blo-Poke is the ideal tool for starting the fire, rekindling the blaze, and adjusting the logs in your fireplace. Available in finely polished brass or fireplace black enamel.

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The Blo-Poke is a high-quality, innovative blower and poker tool for restarting fires and adjusting smoldering logs. Built with a mouthpiece and 180-degree air holes at the point tip, fire enthusiasts keep the coals fueled with air and adjust logs with the same versatile tool. The Blo-Poke is made up of two unique forged end pieces that are bonded to a heavy duty brass tube, completing its approximate measurement of 46″. The Blo-Poke is fully customizable, with a finish to match any decor.

The Blo-Poke can be engraved with a personalized message, making the perfect gift for commemorating any occasion.

About Blo-Poke: The Original Blo-Poke is an outstanding example of American ingenuity. The solid brass tool was conceived by James Hopkins Smith as he observed French farmers during WWI blowing and poking their fires with ancient rifle barrels. In 1941, Smith patented and trademarked the Original Blo-Poke. Today, each Blo-Poke is handcrafted from the original mold in Bristol, Connecticut and continues to reflect fine American craftsmanship.

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