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Iconic Windows manufactures and installs custom wood storm windows in almost any size, shape, and color.

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Using traditional mortise & tenon joinery and high quality materials, our storms mirror the beauty in form and function of your existing windows.  We offer a large variety of designs from a traditional putty glazed storm sash to a storm with interior removable glass and screen inserts.  We even offer a storm with muntins to match your window design yet still have interior removable inserts.  Best of all, we offer a full service experience to customers in the Eastern United States.  For those on the East Coast, we will measure, fit, and install our storm windows for you.  If you aren’t on the East Coast, we proudly deliver our storms throughout the continental US.

We first started out as purely a window restoration company. However, it became apparent very quickly that we cannot have a proper discussion of the values of window restoration without it inevitably leading to a discussion of storm windows. Though the single pane true divided lite windows are pretty, they also are pretty poor when it comes to insulation. A second layer of glass is essential. This is where storm windows come in. 

Aluminum storm windows are often what property owners think of first.  However, they leave a lot to be desired in the aesthetics category.  An aluminum storm window is at best inconspicuous and at worst it is borderline offensive.  Wood storm windows bring a similar level of energy efficiency without compromising on beauty.  From historic authenticity to aesthetics, our wood storm windows truly are the Ultimate Storm Option.

Our process is simple.  Provide us with the rough dimensions and specs on the windows as well as your address and we will work you up a quote.  For our delivery customers, we will deliver our storms cut to the exact specifications you provide.  For those having us install their storms,we will take 3 trips out to their home.  The first trip we will measure every single window and discuss the project in person.  Next we will return with the fully built storms and cut them to fit every window opening.  Finally, we will return to install the fully finished wood storm windows.

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