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(800) 928-9602
101 Hampton Road
Pomfret Center, CT 06259

Southern New England's largest sawmill, custom milling wide plank flooring, staircase parts, and post and beam timbers. We utilize locally grown & sustainably harvested timber, helping to support the region’s working woodlands. A family business since 1965. We ship nationwide!

•Custom milled wide plank wood flooring
•Custom staircase parts to match your wood floor: treads, risers, nosing, and landings
•Post and beam timbers in Red Oak, White Oak, and Pine
•Utilizing wood from well-managed forests
•Woodland management services for forestland owners

For nearly fifty years, our family has stewarded forests, selectively harvested the wood, and handcrafted spectacular wood floors for our clients. We do this work ourselves so we can offer you the highest quality wood floor at the best possible price. We specialize in long and wide plank wood flooring. Whether you need 18” wide oak flooring, or traditional wide plank pine in 15 foot lengths, we make it for you.

Wood Floors Custom Made For You

Folks often come to us because they want a wood floor tailored to their tastes and specifications. It might be a floor with a certain color variation, or one with all heartwood or all sapwood. Sometimes it's a floor with figured grain, sometimes it's a floor with specific plank lengths and widths. This spring we had a customer who did not want butt joints on his wood floor, so we provided all 15-foot planks to match the dimension of the room, eliminating the need for butt joints. Every floor we make is custom milled, so we will gladly put together an order to your exact specifications.

Our Process: From Forest to Floor

Hull plank floors come direct from our forests and our sawmill to your home. We source our timber locally, supporting our region’s working forests. Our process is unique because we start in local forests by hand selecting the trees for our wide plank flooring. At harvest the logs are cut into lengths ideal for flooring, not commodity lumber. Our flooring logs are live sawn in separate batches to ensure they are opened up with the greatest care, yielding thicker, wider, more attractive planks with some vertical grain for added stability. Only the top five percent of our production goes into our wide plank flooring line—just the planks with the brightest, clearest, most striking, figured, or unique grain. And you can feel good about your wood floor because it comes from sustainably harvested local forests.

Lifetime Quality and Price Guarantee

We believe that providing exceptional quality at a reasonable price is the best way to serve our clients and our employees. We have been growing trees and turning them into flooring, paneling, stair parts, and post & beam timbers for half a century, and this experience has given us the confidence to offer you a price and lifetime quality guarantee.

Please check out our flooring galleries at and You can also visit our flooring showroom in Pomfret, Connecticut or view our wide plank pine flooring in the Oliver Wight Tavern at Old Sturbridge Village.

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