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The Innerglass Window is a glass Interior Storm Window for energy conservation & soundproofing that maintains the integrity and beauty of your historic windows.

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The Innerglass Window is a glass Interior Storm Window for energy conservation & soundproofing that maintains the integrity and beauty of your historic windows.

They are a breakthrough in the affordable upgrading of homes and buildings to modern standards of energy efficiency and comfort. Tests show the Innerglass Window to be up to 5 times more effective in lowering heating bills than outside storm windows.

The Innerglass Window is a high quality, vinyl framed, glass interior window, designed to be mounted on the inside of the stops of the primary window, where it seals tightly, eliminating drafts, condensation, and noise problems. Unlike any other window on the market, it uses a concealed stainless steel springing system that requires no all around track. It conforms to the window opening, automatically compensating for most out of square conditions. Because we custom make the Innerglass Window to your window dimensions, we can fit any window, no matter how crooked.

For most applications, it is one piece for the entire opening, and pops in and out easily without tools. Installation is quick and easy, typically taking 10 minutes, without disturbing the primary window. Low E glazing is available to further boost performance. Tempered glass, and Plexiglas, are options as well. Adding The Innerglass Window to your present windows results in energy performance equal to top of the line replacement windows at a fraction of the cost .It is ideal for historic renovation projects, condominiums, commercial buildings, and of course homes. Anywhere people want to save money and energy.

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Here’s what people are saying:
We’d like to thank you for the excellent engineering & fabrication of our windows.
Marge G.

What a difference the windows have made, we now have to look outside to tell if the wind is blowing
Arthur Z.

Your windows are definitely one of the better purchases that we have ever made. We would recommend Innerglass to anyone.
John J.

We were so happy to find a storm window that allows our 1880 Farm house to keep it’s historic look in the winter.
Janice G.

There isn’t a draft in the house despite the fierce winds and low temperatures this winter.
Michael E.

They look great installed, and are very tight. The sound insulation was immediately noticeable.
Jack P.

We had all 21 windows done before supper. The furnace has caught up and we are warm for the 1st time in weeks. What a difference!
Marilyn C.

I am a woman with no carpentry experience, and I’m very proud to have completed the installation myself.
Jean K.

You have definitely built a better mousetrap! The Compression-Fit is a great idea and the windows are super.
Leon H.

The sound insulating quality is amazing, this alone justifies the installation.
Chuck P.

Our windows are great! Tight, well made, and extremely effective.
William D.

It’s a cold stormy afternoon and my drafty old house now is warm & comfortable. I can’t hear the wind driven rain against the house.
Jean K.

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