Restore-Rite™ is a new line of wood restoration products from New Enterprises, a wholesale distribution company that has served lumber yards, hardware and paint stores in California for the past 30 years. After hearing many stories about customers who were unhappy with the results of wood restoration projects using available products, the need for a high-performance epoxy wood sealer-and-filler system became evident. Developed in response are StrongBond Epoxy Wood Sealer and StrongBond Epoxy Wood Filler, products that use the best scientific process for achieving long-lasting results and that comply with recent regulatory requirements for protecting the environment.


Save Project Time Work Safer Get Long-lasting Results 

STRONGBOND Epoxy Wood Sealer 
• Super-thin viscosity wood consolidant Sealer wicks into the deep tiny crevices of dry-rot porosity that thicker sealers cannot penetrate. 

STRONGBOND Epoxy Wood Filler 
• Trowel-grade, non-sag Filler is perfect for filling voids left by dry rot, nail holes, or missing wood. 

• Fast-curing Filler usually hardens in as little as 3 to 4 hours. This rapid curing reduces the time it takes to complete projects. And when the repaired surface is ready to sand, Filler also can be used as a fairing compound.

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