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Reclaiming the Attic

Is your house bursting at the seams? Do you long for private office space, a guest retreat, or a kids’ bonus room? The solution might be right over your head: no need to leave the neighborhood, or even put on an addition.

Moving Toward Fossil Free

Changing energy markets and evolving technology make it possible to heat, cool, and ventilate homes of any age with (mostly) clean, all-electric power—and less of it. Heating home water, formerly an energy hog, is turning into an energy sipper, too.

Hanging a Salvaged Door

We’re old hands at hanging the doors we salvage. Years ago, we bought six interior doors that matched originals elsewhere in our 1885 row house. We just installed the last of them for a bathroom closet. Here’s what we’ve learned.

Replacing Doors

Is your original front door long gone? Is the entry so altered it’s impossible to tell what used to be there? It happens a lot. The wrong front door muddles the style of the house and hurts curb appeal. Take heart: you can restore what’s gone using salvage, custom replication, or an astute purchase.

Shop Tour: Vintage Doors

For more than 30 years, Vintage Doors in Hammond, New York, way up on the St. Lawrence River, has been a national source of handcrafted, solid-wood screen, entry, and interior doors.

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