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Classic Colonial Homes, Inc.

We have studied Early American architecture for decades and are dedicated to designing homes with an authentic colonial character. The unique spirit of every Classic Colonial Home depends on specific architectural components and the quality of those materials.

Belmont College: Learning by Doing

Thinking about working in historic preservation, traditional building, or the trades? All of the above? Consider the award-winning Building Preservation & Restoration (BPR) program at Belmont College, in St. Clairsville, Ohio. The curriculum combines theoretical knowledge, hands-on skills training, and a passion for craft. The technical side of preservation is presented along with traditional trades (working with glass, wood, windows, plaster, and so on).

Christie’s Wood and Glass

Christie’s Wood and Glass is where all the details of art, design, technology, skill, knowledge, and experience culminate in a product that you will enjoy throughout your lifetime.

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