A Garden on Nantucket

This generously sized traditional garden is a verdant oasis surrounded by old houses in Town.
garden in nantucket

This garden is unusually large for a merchant’s house in Town on the island of Nantucket. Owner Ken Jennings reports that it “was filled with little outbuildings” when they bought the house (read about the house here). The yard was a staging area during renovations. Ken’s subsequent design produced a garden lush with perennial beds, boxwood edging, seating areas, and sculpture. It has already matured beyond its three years. 

garden in Nantucket

Simple pavers lead into the garden, which already looks timeless through the use of sculpture, aged stone, boxwood hedges, and historical furniture. Growing on both sides of the fountain, espaliered apple trees have picturesque, gnarled and twisting branches.

garden in Nantucket

Owner Ken Jennings,  a landscape designer as well as an interior designer, uses fences as opportunities for vertical display. An espaliered cherry tree, recently planted, blooms prettily against a side wall. At the rear is a seating area edged with granite curb stones.

garden in Nantucket

Resident Scotties Archie and Gracie have the run of the garden. Their access is a doggie door cut into the pantry/laundry room off the kitchen.

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