A Bungalow Garden on Bainbridge Island

An idyllic bungalow garden for Bainbridge island.

Having restored their 1915 bungalow on Bainbridge Island, the Sterretts turned to the gardens. They asked Shayne Chandler of Plant LLC to design and install landscaping that would tie the house into its setting—complementing the period bungalow without obscuring water views. Challenges were many: dry, sandy soil; steep slopes; overgrown blackberry thickets. 

Shayne Chandler of Plant, LLC, designed and installed landscaping to tie the house into its setting, adding hundreds of native and exotic plants.

William Wright

Chandler began at the back, at the driveway approach. A “first impression” garden, it features Rhododendron ‘Loderi Venus’, Daphne bholua (Japanese paper plant), and Iris confusa, all of these to provide year-round interest. 

Fine-textured grasses surround an Arts & Crafts entry marker the homeowner designed using salvaged newel posts.

William Wright

The front porch and entry are on the opposite side, facing the water. To pull attention toward the house, Chandler designed perennial borders along a walkway with metal edging. Vibrant plants include cheerful orange and red Crocosmia ‘Emily McKenzie’ and orangey-pink Cana ‘Intrigue’.  Textural foliage provides bold accents: tall Eucomis pole evansii (pineapple lily), tussocks of South African Rhodocoma capensis, and low-branching succulent Aloe striatula. Multiple paths intersect around the house. Plants with strong root structures were chosen to help hold the steep bank in place.

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A north view shows the water-facing porch. The new fire pit nestles into evergreen, ornamental snow grass.

William Wright

Urns and pots are filled with colorful flowering maple, dark-leaved dahlias, and African daisies. The assemblage provides foreground interest for the vista over the bay.

William Wright

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