Guide to Traditional Garden Shed Kits

Building a shed for your old-house garden? Consider one of these traditionally styled, ready-to-assemble kits.
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A Saltbox-style shed from Country Carpenters.

A Saltbox-style shed from Country Carpenters.

If you’re planning to add a shed to your garden, you’ll want to look beyond the big-box stores. Sure, the price tag for a vinyl prefab shed might seem attractive, but the building will stick out like a sore thumb next to your old house. On the opposite end of the price spectrum is the custom-built shed, which will harmonize perfectly with your house but comes at a hefty cost. The shed kit represents the happy medium. It comes with all the necessary plans and pre-cut components, ready to be assembled by the handy homeowner (though depending on the building’s complexity and your experience level, you may want to solicit the help of a contractor). The companies listed below specialize in shed kits with traditional designs.

Cedarshed Industries

Cedarshed offers customizable kits for a variety of outbuildings, from tiny 8’ x 4’ lean-tos to larger cabins and studios, all made with durable Western red cedar.

The Haida, a small cabin-style shed from Cedarshed Industries.

The Haida, a small cabin-style shed from Cedarshed Industries.

Country Carpenters

Their barns and carriage houses have a classic New England flair, with details like Saltbox rooflines, cupolas, and weathervanes. They offer everything from large (30’ x 48’) barns to small (9’ x 11’) sheds and pool houses.

Forever Redwood

Offers a small selection of basic storage sheds constructed of redwood (new, mature, or old-growth), Douglas fir, or reclaimed wood.

Although their stock and trade is fully assembled sheds, greenhouses, pool houses, pavilions, and cottages, also recently began offering their classically designed models in kit packages.

The Nellie's Cottage series from

The Nellie’s Cottage series from

Outdoor Living Today

Another company specializing in cedar outbuildings, Outdoor Living Today carries small and large sheds, small studios, and greenhouses.

Pine Harbor

Offers Cape-style and Saltbox sheds with optional upgrades like shutters, window boxes, and beadboard doors, plus larger New England-style barns and garages.


A wide variety of sheds, cabanas, workshops, and studios, in styles appropriate for classical, Victorian, or Arts & Crafts homes.

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